Get yourself a Smart Home this winter.  Ready to make yours?

Smart Home

Simply put, Smart Home is automation and customization of your home essentials. You can control and protect your home from wherever you are and the way you want with ENE Electric’s most efficient and affordable Smart Home services. The new generation of energy consumption and home management has arrived, and Smart Home also has become an essential part of your lifestyle. Now you can get a Smart Home installed with ENE Electric and let your life be more worry-free.


ENE Smart Home Solution

 Energy & Efficiency

Energy and Efficiency Solution

  • Proven energy savings (13% or more)
  • Turns itself down when you’re away
  • Control it from anywhere/Remote temp sensing
  • Add home value (5% or more)

  • Convenient use with voice control
  • Turns itself down when you’re away
  • Scene control to meet your needs and tastes
  • Add home value (5% or more)

Safety & Security

Safety and Security Solution

  • Early warning before an alarm goes off and anything burns
  • Pathlight with motion sensor
  • Smart Lights your way out when smoke is detected
  • Tests itself that reduces false alarm
  • No chirps at night for your good night sleep
  • Add home value (5% or more)

  • No rush disarming
  • Arm and verify the alert with your app
  • Nest tag for your guests with a pre-set schedule
  • Has open tone/quiet open, path light, dog pass features
  • Add home value (5% or more)

  • 24/7 live video & cloud recording(not DVR) for data safety
  • Super sight (close up tracking view)
  • Alerts on your phone or smart watch
  • Talk & Listen (scare off intruders)
  • Add home value (5% or more)

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent Solution

Smart Home technology is playing a growing role in home sale. According to the CNET-Coldwell Banker survey done in 2017, 45% of all Americans own smart home technology, 54% of homeowners would install smart home devices if they were selling their home, 81% of current smart-home owners prefer to buy a home with connected technology in place, and 91.3% of respondents agreed that Smart Home technology would benefit a home sale. Also more importantly, Consumer Electronics Association and the National Association of Home Builders research found that installing smart tech can boost the final closing price by three to five percent.

ENE Electric, Inc. offers a Smart Home Solution for Real Estate Agent that benefits home buyer, seller and the agent. The Smart Home Agent Solution features a selection of essential smart home systems that increases the value of your home.

For Buyer

Agent Exclusive package
$1800 value offered for $1300

Lutron Smart Lighting Starter Kit
Google Home Hub
Nest E-Thermostat
Nest Doorbell
2 hrs training upon request
How it works
1. Agent contacts ENE Electric, Inc.
and purchases Real Estate Agent Solution
2. ENE Electric, Inc. contacts the homeowner
to schedule an installation
3. Installation and Smart Home Training

For Seller

Open House support
$500 value offered at NO Cost for agents

Dimmers(2), Pico Remote(1)
Smart Bridge*, Alexa*, and WiFi Hot spot*
‘Try This’ banner*, Smart Home brochure*

*ENE will take back these items after closing
How it works
1. Agent contacts ENE Electric, Inc.
and request an Open House Support
2. ENE Electric, Inc. schedule an installation
3. Installation and Smart Home Training

How It Works

  • Step 1: Design your smart home

    Explore our most affordable packages and request a free estimate. ENE Smart Home specialist will send you an estimate.

  • Step 2: Schedule an appointment

    Review your estimate and schedule an appointment for our Smart Home specialist to visit your home to help you find out the best configuration for your home.

  • Step 3: Installation

    ENE Smart Home professional will install the products, set up your devices, and teach you how to use the system, and your Smart Home is done in no time!