ENE Expert

Why a Smart Home


We’ve heard a lot about Smart Home these days. It doesn’t sound too futuristic anymore but rather it has become an essential part of our lifestyle just like a smartphone. We know that they are very common home devices that make our lives more comfortable and convenient, but what exactly are the benefits that we get? Let’s find out.

First of all, it is Energy Efficiency. A Smart thermostat is a great way to save energy. It is statistically proven that with smart thermostats users can save up to 10 to 15 percent on heating/cooling bills every year. Not only it saves energy by operating only when it is necessary but it increases the comfort level by maintaining the optimal temperature all the time for your health and needs. How many times have you either forgotten to turn the lights off or left them on just because you felt too lazy to reach to the switches? Smart lighting control systems add convenience to the use of lights and save energy by allowing users to manage them remotely and schedule to turn on or off. Smart sensors can alert your phone if your fridge or window is open, and smart appliances can be set to run in its most economical state. Smart home feature such as Home/Away allows all electric devices at home to turn on and off based on the occupancy pattern so it helps to save energy by operating only when they actually need to be operating. 

Secondly, it not only saves energy and helps preserve the earth, but also it helps you Save Money. Lower electric bills throughout the years mean a budget for your new smart home devices. They basically pay for themselves! And don’t be surprised, research shows that 80% of home buyers are more likely to buy a home if it comes with smart home pre-installed. Smart home systems add Home Value and it sells quicker with a better price! 

Another benefit of Smart Home is that it guarantees your home to be Safe and Secure. Smart secure alarm and camera detect anyone in or around your home when you aren't there, notify you of the unusual activities, and lights can be switched on to discourage them from intruding. Smart smoke detector can detect smoke or CO levels and automatically turn on lights and open your shades to make it easier for anyone in the house to leave. They are home essentials that keep your family and home safe, and these sophisticated smart features help you have it all under control.

Last but not least, what the Smart Home users value the most is a better Quality of Life they get with Smart Home. Home automation and customization features make your life much convenient and more comfortable. Imagine AC running all the time while you are off to a vacation because you forgot to turn it off, leaving lights on just because you feel too tired to run downstairs to turn them off, arriving home dark struggling to reach to the light switches, waiting for the house to be at a certain temperature, waking up in the middle of nights because of the false alarms, and what’s worse is the huge electric bills that actually could’ve been much smaller? Smart Home systems seem to be a simple solution for all these troubles.

There are many things to worry about in your daily life, why hassle with home management? It seems to make more sense to have them all under control with Smart Home and live a worry free life. Now that you’ve heard of what people say about Smart Home, why don’t you get one and see for yourself?