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Smart. Safe. Secure.

What is your most concern when it comes to your home? Without a doubt, safety and security of your home, properties and family must always be a priority. It is not any different in smart home market. As keeping family and property safe and secure is always a priority, the demand in safety and security smart home systems also has been the biggest and consistently growing. 

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ENE Electric created a package “Safety and Security Solution” based on the demands and to satisfy clients’ essential needs. It includes smoke detector, alarm, security camera, smart doorbell and lock which can integrate with smart lighting system and add another layer of safety and security value to one’s home. Let’s now take a look at how they work and benefit the smart home owners. 

First of all, the smart security camera and alarm detect and notify you the unusual activities around your home, and you can set up the smart lighting system to automatically turn on when motion is detected at night around your home so you can deter the intruders away. Secondly, the smart door lock automatically locks the door behind you in case you forgot to, and the smart doorbell shows and recognize who’s at the door and can answer even when the house is vacant with “prerecorded quick response” feature. With some restrictions depending on the brands, the security systems provide 24/7 recording, 24 hr backup, and a storage up to 30 days. Thirdly, the smart smoke detector detects and alerts smokes in your house, and again you can set up the smart lighting to automatically light the way out in case of fire. People are not so much aware but this is one of the most important feature to have at home as not being able to see through smoke and get stuck in the house is number one reason why not rescued from fire. At last, on top of auto-turn on/off setup integrated with other smart security systems, the smart lighting system with geofencing and motion sensor lights your way in and out of the driveway, and illuminates night lights in the hallway for your safety at night. Moreover, you can monitor and control all of these from anywhere with your smartphone at anytime.

In addition, these smart home systems have benefits for senior and differently-abled people. Most of the smart home safety and security systems such as smart lighting, doorbell, door lock and security systems allow the ones with mobility issues to control the systems without having to move for trouble. The smart home hub with voice command system help the ones with vision difficulties to access information or control a variety of integrated home devices. There are also smart devices for quick help with an emergency button to call 911 or alert to loved ones which can be a huge lifesaver.

There are more future smart home devices to come that we may not have even imagined. Until we get more surprised by them, with these essential smart home systems mentioned above, you can secure your home safety and security mindlessly and flawlessly!