Customer Review

Interview with a Smart Home Agent Program Customer

Last month, we had a Smart Home Agent project with Coldwell Banker completed. Our client, Daniel C. who recently bought the house installed with the smart home agent program would like to share his experience, lets hear about it.

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 “It feels great to move in to a new home, but even better if it is a smart home! What I really like about the smart home system is of course the convenience of use. I have a busy schedule with work and a big family living together. Smart home installations made it much easier to control lightings and security of the house so I can be worry free about it. My family uses voice control with Alexa a lot and my kids love to play with it. I am also glad that we now have a smart doorbell. It definitely adds an extra layer of security as it has camera and 24/7 recording function. It  alerts me when any suspicious activities are detected and I can monitor them through my app when I’m not around. The light at the door turns on automatically when motion is detected so it can work as a threat to the intruders. However, it only works when it is on “AWAY” status. I wish it operates the same way even when I’m home. It’s just one suggestion for NEST.”

 Daniel mentioned, he is glad that his agent offered Smart Home Agent Program. He sees that it adds a home value as Smart Home is in trend and is essential these days. 

Smart Home Agent Program Introduction


What is Smart Home Agent Program?

Smart Home Agent program is a Co-Op program that ENE Electric provides to the Realty Agents with Smart Home installation which benefits all three participating parties. 

What are the benefits that each party gets?


  • Add marketing highlights
  • Reduce marketing cost
  • Open house support

Home Owner / Home Buyer

  • Add home value
  • Update old house to a smart home with no cost
  • Increase a number of visitors


  • Marketing opportunity
  • Long-term relationship with Realty Agents

Please call ENE Sales at 1-408-475-5741 or email for more details of ENE Smart Home Agent Program.