Device Review

Newly introduced Smart ceiling fan speed control by Lutron Caseta

A major player of lighting and Smart Home, Lutron recently has announced the addition of fan speed control to its Caséta smart lighting system, allowing you to wirelessly control ceiling fans from your mobile devices as well as integrating them into Caséta scenes and schedules. It is designed to be easy to install and setup, turning standard ceiling fans into “smart” fans within minutes.  

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 8.06.23 AM.png

The Caséta by Lutron Fan Speed Control replaces your existing in-wall ceiling fan switch and features five buttons that turn the fan on and off, adjust the speed at which it spins by four levels, and memorize your favorite speed on a dedicated button. With the Lutron smart bridge and app, you can control your ceiling fan controlled remotely. Lutron also offers a compatible battery-powered Pico remote that you can keep on an end table in the living room or a nightstand in the bedroom. The RF remote has range of 30 feet and a 10-year battery life. A single switch can control a single 1.5A ceiling fan, and it requires a neutral wire for installation. 


  • Unlike other ceiling fan controls, Caséta ceiling fan control has four speed levels, and the low level allows a soft air circulations throughout the room which is preferred by many users. 

  • Its geofencing feature(Home/Away) with Lutron Smart Bridge turns the fan on or off depending on your presence status at home. If you leave the house(with your registered mobile device), it automatically switch it to “AWAY” mode and turn selected smart devices off which is not only convenient but also it helps you to avoid unnecessary energy use.

  • There is an aesthetic value to this switch. The traditional fan control switch is not so attractive with either bulky slide bar/knob or rubber textured buttons. Not only its design is much slicker and fancier, if you already own a Lutron smart switches, it can create a unified look with the other switches on the wall. 


  • No timer is really a bummer! Other traditional fan control switches usually have timer but Caséta ceiling fan control doesn’t have it. It could have been nice if they programmed it on Caséta App so they can control from it, but the only way to kind of, sort of work it is with “schedule” feature that sets it to turn off at certain time.

  • Besides the positive aspect of its integration with voice control systems such as Siri, Alexa or Google, one thing we’ve noticed is that grouping doesn’t work properly. If you have more than one fan in your home, even if you group them separately with other smart devices in each room, it will ask you which fan to turn on/off every time you command.

  • While most standard ceiling fans are compatible with this switch, you can still be unlucky with yours.  You need to check beforehand to see if your existing fan would work with this switch.

It is hard for us to say that this ceiling fan control is as great as we expected. Maybe our expectation had gone too high as we had been waiting for it quite a while. There are number of things to improve and the cons we’ve mentioned can simply be improved with software upgrades, and we hope to see the upgraded version to be available soon. The Caséta by Lutron fan speed control and Pico remote control is available at home improvement centers, online retailers, electrical distributors and via your local electrician at $60. It is available in white, ivory, light almond, and black.