Device Review

Noon Smart Lighting Starter Kit

Correct lighting in the house during certain times can vastly change the ambiance and tone of your mood, but to get it right might sometimes prove to be difficult and tedious.  The Noon Smart Lighting System Starter Kit aims to assist with getting your mood right by replacing your current light switches with smart switches allowing customizable lighting scenes which you can set using the switch itself or a smartphone.


Features and Benefits

To start, this kit comes with 3 total switches: 2 “extension” switches, which are comprised of a tactile “on-off” switch, as well as dimmer buttons; and the “room director” switch, which controls these “extension” switches via Bluetooth. These 3 switches will be encased in an included metal body frame, guaranteeing a sturdier and more premium build than its plastic counterparts.


The “room director” switch, which has an elegant look and feels to it, featuring its OLED touchscreen display, can arrange the lighting into three different categories: ambient, task, and accent.  And within these categories, you can further customize your light settings by programming different scenes; with these programmed or pre-programmed light scenes, it is easy to access your preferred lighting ambiance for next time. And just like your smartphone, this lighting system is upgradable with new features and when Noon introduces new switches, you can easily add that to your home without rewiring the house.

One of the most convenient features of this lighting system is that it is motion-sensored. With Night Light, when you enter the room the “room director” will automatically turn on your lights at a dim level, illuminate your pathway and turn off after three minutes. Its scheduling feature is also convenient. For example, when you’re on vacation, the Noon Smart Lighting System can discourage potential intruders from entering your house by randomly turning on lights within your house to mimic your presence. 

Lastly, unlike most of the other smart lighting switches, “room director” allows you to control lightings not only from your smartphone but also from the switch which is good for those who are still not friendly with a smartphone or don’t like to open an account to manage your lights.



With a steep price of $350, the kit surely doesn’t come cheap. One of the major downsides to this product is that it requires a neutral wire; older houses may not be eligible for the Noon Smart Lighting Kit as they might not have a neutral wire.  Thus, it is essential to check your house’s wiring before installation.  

Another downside of it is that it is not integrated with NEST or featured with geo-fencing to locate your mobile devices. Thus it won’t automatically turn on or off the lights based on your occupancy status which many of competitors do. However, we have checked with the Noon representative that integrating with NEST within this year is in progress which is a good news for those who are already using NEST products at home. 

Noon’s product is limited only to “room director” and dimmer, and they provide no lamp dimmer, switch for ceiling fan or plug-in appliances control. So if you want something that works with other than just lightings, you may need to think twice. 



Whatever, whenever, and wherever the activity may be in your house, the Noon Smart Lighting Kit will always have the correct lighting to set the mood exactly the way you want it.  Its intelligent features not only create an ambiance that is perfect for every scene, but it also acts a form of security and saves you electricity.  Its premium build offers a stronger and more elegant design than its competitors and comes with motion detecting. Of course, all of this comes with a pretty hefty price, and may not be compatible with some houses.  Also, it requires a strong WiFi signal to be able to exploit its smart features.  But, if lighting design is an important part of your daily life, be sure to give the Noon Smart Lighting Kit a try


  • Sleek and elegant design is sturdier than its competitors’ due to its metal frame

  • Motion sensors allow for unique features that competitors do not offer

  • Customizable scene settings allow for increased comfortability inside your house

  • Compatible with smartphones and Amazon Alexa

  • Manage lightings from the “room director”, not necessarily only from your smartphone


  • Pricey at $350 per starter kit

  • Not integrated with NEST

  • No Geo-fencing feature

  • May not be compatible with some older houses for the lack of a neutral wire

  • No product variety