Device Review

LUTRON Smart Bridge

The Lutron Smart Bridge takes Lutron Smart Dimmers to the next level by enabling them with an internet connection and allowing you to control your lights with your mobile devices (Android or IOS device). The Bridge connects to your internet router through an ethernet cable and acts as a “bridge” to all of the Lutron Smart Dimmers & Remotes, which are then controlled by the “Lutron Home Control” app and third-party apps.

Features and Benefits


The Lutron Smart Bridge really takes Lutron Smart Dimmers to a whole different level. Installing the Bridge is extremely easy: just connect the compact, sleek device to your router with the included ethernet cable, and install the Lutron app on your mobile device.  Follow the app’s directions, and you’re good to go.

Lutron says the Smart Bridge incorporates their “RF technology” which uses a quiet frequency band to communicate with the switches & remotes, ridding any interference from adjacent frequencies, and allowing for a reliable, concurrent system response.

The app itself is very effective, eliminates any learning curve, and communicates quickly with your switches. With it comes a multitude of features that you would not have had with just your Lutron Pico remote.  With your Smart Bridge, you can not only control your Lutron lights from anywhere, but you can also check which lights are currently on, create customizable light scenes, and set a schedule for your lights, all with your mobile devices. The benefits don’t end there, however, because you can also connect your mobile device to many other third-party products like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Samsung Smartthings, Nest, Hunter Ceiling fans, and control them with the same app or their own third-party apps. This is definitely useful as any further smart home upgrades you make may likely be compatible with this bridge, simplifying your smart home experience.


Though the Lutron Bridge may not look as refined as some of its competitors like the Noon Smart Lighting Kit, it certainly delivers just as many features at just a fraction of the price. Its compatibility with a multitude of smart home products from various brands certainly aids in its functionality; and its quick and easy-to-use mobile app is constantly updated for further future-proofing.  If what you want is vast amounts of customizability with not only your lights, but various smart home devices, the Lutron Smart Bridge might be a solid choice.