Device Review

Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Lamp Dimmer

Let your Christmas decorations be merrier and smarter with the Caseta Wireless Smart Lamp Starter Kit! Simply plug in not only your floor/table lamps but also your Christmas lamps into the dimmer and set up the Lutron Smart Bridge for control of your lights from anywhere using your mobile device.  

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Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Lamp Dimmer and Remote Kit (P-PKG1P-WH-R) $50

  • 1x - Plug-in lamp dimmer

  • 1x - Pico remote

  • 1x - Quick start guide

Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Lamp Dimmer Switch Starter Kit (P-BDG-PKG1P) $100

  • 1x - Plug-in lamp dimmer 

  • 1x - Pico remote 

  • 1x - Smart Bridge

  • 1x - Quick start guide


The Caséta Wireless Plug-In Lamp Dimmer controls lamp loads, both directly and remotely when paired with Pico remote controls, providing a system that delivers convenience and ease of installation. Simply plug into a standard outlet and it can be used with up to 2 lamps with no wiring required. You can schedule lights to adjust automatically based on the time of day, and create the right light for your favorite lighting scenes. When used with Lutron Smart Bridge or Smart Bridge Pro, you can control the lighting using voice assistant such as Alexa or Google Home Hub or via Lutron app on your phone from anywhere in the world. Also, with Smart Bridge, you can use Geofencing/Smart Away feature and set your lights to turn on/off depending on your Home/Away status. It works with up to 100-Watt of dimmable LED or dimmable CFL or 300-Watt of incandescent or halogen, and can be converted to a switch to control non-dimmable loads.


  • Schedule your lights to adjust to your lifestyle

  • Control lights remotely via Lutron App or PICO remote

  • Geofencing feature

  • Smart Away feature

  • Works with Voice assistant (Lutron Smart Bridge or Smart Bridge PRO required)


  • Smart Bridge required for advanced features

  • May not work with non-dimmerble LED light bulbs

  • Not suitable for outdoor use

If you are looking for a smart lighting dimmer for your floor/table lamps that you can just plug into your outlet, consider trying Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Lamp Dimmer.