Customer Review

Interview with ENE Smart Home Giveaway winner!

Smart Home is growing into the mainstream, but we thought that there still are many households who are hesitant to get one for their homes. Why? Only because they have not gotten the whole experience of it. But it is like your smart phone. Once you use them, you cannot go back to non-smart what-so-ever!

Last July, ENE decided to give one lucky family a complete Smart Home Makeover for Independence Day Event. The lucky winner was a family of Juliana in Los Gatos, CA. Just like everyone else, they were hesitant about entering this giveaway with a doubt of winning at first. But who knew that they could win? It has been about 2 months since ENE installed Smart devices, and we had a follow up interview to hear about their Smart Home experience.  


“First of all, what I would like to tell people is that whenever there is a giveaway, lottery or raffle of your interest, just do it! You will never know what will come to your door unless you try it! We have been wanting to get smart cameras and smoke detectors for more security, but we have never thought of smart thermostat or smart lightings could make our lives much easier and convenient. It is just beyond our expectation.” says Juliana.


She mentioned that she had always had trouble reaching for the light switch that was behind the big TV so we relocated the switch to the kitchen where there is most traffic at home and now everyone can reach it easily.  She is also very satisfied with how easy it is to use and sophisticated the design is.  

She says, ”Smart Home made my life with two babies much easier for sure. The pathlight with motion sensor on NEST Detect in the hallway guides me to my crying kids in the middle of the night without having to suffer with stubbed toes in the process, also it helps the other way when my kids with sleeping trouble find their way to my room. And I don’t have to get up to turn the lights on or off while I’m putting my kid into sleep. You know how hard it is to put them back into sleep!” She also mentions when OK Google voice control doesn’t work, she just uses her smart phone to manage the light without fighting with OK Google.


Juliana’s family is happy about never coming home hot or cold. Now with the geo-fencing feature of the smart thermostat, it automatically starts the system to meet the pre-set temperature by the time they get home. She is not only excited about all the smart changes but also expecting their electricity bills to lower. We plan to follow up with her later to see if they actually are able to lower the bill. 


“It was also surprising how fast and professional the  installation process was. Once they announced that we won the giveaway, they scheduled a visit, their Smart Home specialist came to figure out what to install, and the next day the project was done in a few hours. They also went through each feature of the systems to explain what they are and how to operate which was very helpful because I know myself that without that I would have been using only a couple of the simple features and missing out all the other cool ones!” says Juliana. 

ENE was so glad to see our clients happy, or even happier than what we have all expected. Stay tuned with ENE because we plan to have another Smart Home Giveaway soon. You can be the next lucky winner, and this time, make sure you enter to win!