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As smart Home growing into the mainstream, smart devices manufactures are focusing on making them “do-it-yourself”, and consumers are faced with the decision of whether to do it themselves or to hire a professional to do the job. Everyone, at least once, whether it is big or small, must have experienced the frustration of a home improvement project when you try to do-it-yourself. While you may save money in the short run by installing it yourself, you may be underestimating the value that professional installation can add. Here are some advice from ENE professionals for you to measure wether DIY or professional installation would work better for your smart home project. 

Recommendations for DIY installation

Before you decide to DIY your smart home project you would need to know whether your home is DIY-friendly or not. DIY is not recommended if your home was built with old electrical box(phenolic outlet box/brown box). Modern homes are installed with Blue electrical box with ground wire, and you may not have much difficulties with DIY-ing your smart lighting installation although it is recommended to have some electrical knowledge for your safety. If your home is with an old electrical box, it may have old insulation, short wiring issues or not enough space for smart lighting kit to go inside the box. In this case, you have no option but to call a professional. And even if you have a blue box, you may face with unexpected problem if the job is not done properly. We get many inquiries from customers with electrical disconnection problem with the outlets caused after DIY smart lighting upgrade. In most cases, it is due to the loose jumper wire which disables electricity to run through the outlets. If you wish to try DIY smart home installation, firstly make sure your safety is always a priority. Here are two recommendations from ENE experts for you to be prepared for your DIY project.  

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Wiring 1-2-3 for you to know the necessary information for smart lighting installation or upgrade. 


Benefit of Professional Installation

Why is it that the instruction seems so simple but when you actually do it, it isn’t or something that was not expected or explained on the instruction come up and makes your life difficult? Many times the problems have nothing to do with you or the system, but rather unforeseen obstacles like weak wireless home network or poor structural integrity. And here comes a professional automation installer handy. They should be able to work around the specific challenges your project presents and implement solutions to ensure your system works reliably and leave you no hassles or worries.

  • Learning the devices

Many of the Smart Home devices need set up or programming of its software. Professional installers help you set up and teach you how to use it, and be there for trouble shooting. Also, if there’s a particular product that’s incompatible with your home automation system, a professional home automation installer is usually able to troubleshoot and get the two communicating freely.

  • Optimizing your network

You will wonder why you started to get weaker network all of a sudden. Well, it didn’t happen “all of a sudden”. It can be due to the inefficient network arrangement with your smart home systems. Smart home devices working through the IoT can end up putting a severe strain on your home network. If you’re constructing a wider-ranging, multi-devices installed smart home, professionals make sure your network is up to strength.

  • Keeping up with trends

Professional installers not only know the technologies and trend, but they also know the game of the market. They know what’s new and also what’s relevant. Sometimes getting the newest device is not a smart choice when it comes to thinking about cost effectiveness. Professionals can help you rest assured that your automation investment is sound and will stand the test of time. Professional installation is one way to avoid wasting your money on incomplete devices. 

Another benefit of professional installation is that they usually offer warranty or free follow up visits after the installation so whenever you face problems using the systems they will be able to help whether the fix is a simple reboot which can be issued remotely or whether it requires some on-site sleuthing to resolve. We hope this helps and you can always contact ENE Electric, Inc. if you have any questions or would like a free consultation.