Electrical Panel Upgrades

To keep your home and family safe, the electrical panel is essential for governing electricity in the system. As homes grow older, their electrical panels have difficulty handling the increased power demands on the system. When too much electrical demand is on a circuit, the electrical panel has “breaker” switches to prevent electricity from overloading. When wiring becomes strained, electricity can set off a fire and lead to smoke damage. Before 1980, the standard for household power was 60 amps. However, today’s modern homes may need as much as 200 amps to run air conditioners, electric vehicle chargers, induction cooking appliances, computer equipment, and high-tech home automation devices.

What is a panel upgrade?

A panel upgrade is simply replacing your electrical panel, containing your home’s fuses/circuit breakers, (or main service panel), found within a painted grey or metal box.

Electrical Panel Issues

Defective and/or malfunctioning electrical panels will trip breakers quite often which can lead to fire, smoke or melted wires. Defective or malfunctioning electrical panels pose a safety hazard and should be immediately repaired or replaced by a licensed general electrician.

Common Causes of Electrical Panel issues:

  • The breaker switches have rust and corrosion or it feels warm inside the breaker box
  • Appliances run slow, at less than full power, or frequent power surges
  • Overuse of extension cords
  • Your home has old two-pronged outlets, not three-pronged grounded outlets
  • Home's 25 years or older (built prior to 1990’) with 60-amp electrical services
  • The home has 100-amp electrical service, but some appliances still do not operate properly
  • Older homes with a fuse block or split-buss panel, which does not have a main breaker
  • ZINSCO or FPE (Federal Pacific) panels are advised to upgrade as soon as possible. Defective electrical panels like the following:

Federal Pacific Electric Electrical Panel: identified by distinctive red-tipped breakers

  Zinsco Electrical Panel:  typically, horizontal, and have multi-colored breakers

Zinsco Electrical Panel: typically, horizontal, and have multi-colored breakers


How do we prepare for the panel upgrade work for you:

Residential Panel Upgrade

PLEASE NOTE: During the panel upgrade you will not have power for most the day, from roughly 8 AM to 4PM. Please be prepare for power outage during the work.


Efficiency Monitoring:

We offer exclusive home efficiency monitoring systems that let you view your home's electrical consumption from your smartphone. 

Smartphone Features include:

  • Monitoring usage levels of home appliances
  • Notification services for - Electrical dryer cycles, solar panel cleaning reminders, appliances fault pre-wiring, etc.
  • Zone specific room monitoring - Rental units, kitchen, garages, laundry rooms, etc.