Multi-Family Residential

ENE Electric, Inc. offers a full-service solution to Multi-Family Residential new construction and remodeling. We have extensive experience with projects ranging from major condominiums to apartment complexes. Our strengths are in the understanding of new technologies and trend in the Multi-Family Residential industry. Our crews, with years of experience and knowledge of the industry, help homebuilders cut costs while retaining its high quality. We provide process-oriented solutions that ensure the success of your project, allowing you to get the job done right the first time and eliminate any costly changes during construction.

What makes ENE ELECTRIC, INC different?



  • Engineered living space

  • Complex layout with various amenities

  • Home automation

  • Techorating

  • Up-to-date technology training



  • Cost-counscious sourcing

  • High-tech building materials

  • Smart Home professionals

  • Precise schedule management

  • Minimizing costly changes

One of the hottest topics in homebuilding is smart technology, which has been a source of angst among homebuilders who are without the bandwidth to immediately start investing in to the smart home as a standard. It requires an understanding of not only new technology but also a trend in multi-family residences, which are attractive and adaptable for various ages. Current trend demands flexibility to satisfy all generations from Millennials to Baby Boomers as well as the “sandwich” families who need to support both children and aging parents in the same house. ENE, with smart professionals who are highly experienced and trend-conscious, can provide you a one stop solution for your home building projects. 

ENE Electric, Inc. has the manpower and resources required to complete your large-scale and complex apartment project. Our experience with Multi-Family Residential projects allow us to deliver an outstanding service at a competitive rate, and to satisfy your project requirements and expectations. You can always expect the highest standards in reliability, trustworthiness, and satisfaction with ENE Electric, Inc. 


  • New Construction

  • Remodeling

  • Project Planning

  • Schedule management

  • Site management

  • Large workforce

  • Cost-conscious sourcing and material options

  • Home Automation

  • Inspection and Project followup

  • ENE safety program and Technology training

  • Other related services


  • W.R Newman: North Foothill Boulevard, Cupertino, CA, 2019-current*

  • Maximus, Inc.: Sharon Green Apartments* Menlo Park, CA in 2018- current

  • Land & Houses, Inc.: PARC Apartments* Campbell, CA in 2016- current

  • Greystar: Elan Apartments San Jose, CA in 2017-18

  • Shea Homes: Village Boulevard in Santa Clara, CA in 2015-17

  • Irvine Company: Riverview Apartment, San Jose, CA in 2011-14

  • Irvine Company: Crescent Village Apartment, San Jose, CA in 2009-11

  • KB Homes: Monte Vista Apartment, San Jose, CA in 2007-09

  • Jamestown, San Francisco, CA in 2006-07

  • D.R. Horton, Inc.: Elan Apartments San Jose, CA in 2006-7

*Contract with ENE Electric, Inc.