Commercial Electrical

Whether your business is small, medium or large, our experienced electricians at ENE ELECTRIC Inc. are on hand to deliver results for any electrical projects required by your business. ENE ELECTRIC Inc. electricians are well aware of what's necessary to efficiently manage projects of varying scopes and scale to produce optimal results. We deliver first time, on time and on budget...every time.


Tenant improvement projects are often undertaken with tight time restraints. We understand that any delays are costly, which is why we work harder than anyone to ensure that our work is delivered on time. ENE ELECTRIC Inc. guarantees delivery of high quality results on time for your project through a variety of solutions and optimized agile project management.


If you're under limited time schedules for commercial buildings or units and require expedited services, we have specialist, dedicated teams that handle all commercial remodeling projects. ENE ELECTRIC Inc. provides optimized project service planning and will accommodate an after-hours working program if required. Contact us now and receive your free quote.


We can help you optimize your building's energy consumption, saving energy and money by managing peak demands better. We will identify malfunctioning equipment and through our Efficiency Monitoring Service Program you can prevent a 3-phase peak demand charge. ENE ELECTRIC Inc. can consider a variety of relevant data sources in real time to analyze a building's consumption pattern. This detailed process allows us to make recommendations that will optimize energy operation and lower the maintenance and repair costs of valuable equipment.


If you need more circuits in your panel and see the breaker trip regularly, it more than likely requires an upgrade. After a careful inspection of the panel and circuit breakers, we can verify not only if an upgrade is due but what your best options are for current and future consumption needs.


This is a monthly program. With a simple low-cost monthly payment you can take care of all your electrical issues as they arise. This program is especially suited to multi-tenant units, schools, community centres, etc, where issues arise quite regularly and can often be difficult to stay on top of. With this program, you have an ongoing solution to all your electrical issues. Please contact us for more info.