About Us

Energy and Efficiency = ENE

In ENE ELECTRIC, Inc. we build and maintain electrical power and data infrastructure systems for residential, commercial and industrial properties. We are a local, community-based business that was established in 2014. Since then, we have been providing premium quality electrical services for a broad range of clients. Our services include electrical systems, energy management systems, emergency power systems, power distribution systems and entertainment system installations. We are fully committed to achieving the highest standards through our work.



The values of ENE ELECTRIC, Inc. are driven by the people who make up the company; each member of the ENE family is behind our mission to provide the best quality service for our customers.

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In ENE ELECTRIC, Inc. we believe that we can provide the safest & most trusted quality services to our customers when our motivated electricians take a job like their personal projects. 


For new residential, commercial and industrial developments, it is vital that the electricity supply and configuration will be able to match the continuously increasing demand for energy Through our values of Energy & Efficiency, along with our wealth of  experience, we can help you meet those demands.


Electricity plays a central role to our modern lives, much in the same way our hearts play an essential role in our lives. Our 5 core values come from this H.E.A.R.T... 

H - Honesty
E - Enthusiasm
A - Accountability
R - Reliability
T - Top Quality

Furthermore, we think the HEART is combination of HEAR + ART

Listen to customer
Understand the problems
Knowing customers' needs


Our work is artistic
Our work is creative
Our work is innovative

ENE ELECTRIC Inc. clients can expect the highest standards in reliability, trustworthiness and satisfaction. We take pride in our crew and our crew takes pride in delivering the best results for every project.


Community Campaign

At ENE ELECTRIC, Inc. we take social responsibility seriously, and our skilled crew regularly contribute to local community initiatives. In order to support these efforts, we encourage the crew to be flexible with their working hours in order to best meet the needs of the various projects they are working on. It is our belief that giving back is not only rewarding for our team, but also benefits the community and helps create a brighter future for all. Contact us HERE for more.

Safety Protocol

For each and every project we undertake, safety is placed at the top of our list of priorities. We have developed our own SAFETY PROGRAM, which outlines a series of essential safety practices that must be adhered to. The ENE ELECTRIC safety program contains the following objectives: 

  • Employee Safety Program Handbook & training
  • All foremen and superintendents are AED, CPR and First Aid certified
  • Regular Safety Committee meetings for all staff
  • Unscheduled site visits by our Safety Director to inspect adherence to safety guidelines, with detailed reports
  • Weekly on-site meetings for all field employees